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Location: Weerribben-Wieden

Type: Construction

Situation: Competition

Grondscheppers is a dutch word meaning "ground creators".

The Weerribbe-Wiede is a big natural park that has been formed after the excavation of the site by humans with fairly primitive tools. The breef was to create a series of meeting points that would create a sense of unity througout the villages bordering the park.

The proposal consists of blown-up versions of the old tools, seemingly just excavated, like a sfinx or technofossils, they act as fragments of a shared history. Which are reinterpretated with an architectural program: pavilion, bus stop, etc.

For the city of Steenwijk, further away from the natural park the proposal is to create a sculpural meeting point build up of the different tools stacked on top of eachother.

And inside of the park a stack of peatblocks (the material which was excavated here) serves as a marcation for an interesing view, a bird watching area or another location of interest.