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Demolish with Care

Location: Erasmus Ziekenhuis, Rotterdam

Type: Construction

Situation: Proposal

The Dijkzicht hospital building in Rotterdam wil be demolished in 2018 to make place for a green area inside the Erasmus MC complex. This project is a proposition to reinterpret the existing structure of the Dijkzicht building as elements for a garden instead of completely vanishing it. This works as followed: firstly the accurate disassembly, leaving parts of the building that breath its past function but allow for a new interpretation. Secondly, to expose the contours of the demolished structure as paths, lanes and gardens and finally to add new structures (benches, fences, etc.) light and delicate, that dress the old heavy structure like jewels and give it functionality.  

In this way a design is achieved building on what is there, like layers of sediment forming a rock. 

The result is a rich and diverse park environment, where a visitor, a patient or a doctor can have a walk and be somewhere totally else without leaving hospital grounds.