T: +31 (0) 6 34 13 34 14

M: studio@patricionusselder.nl


Location: Rottum, Waddengebied

Type: Installation

Situation: Proposal

Where in the Netherlands is it possible to still be completely alone? 

There is only one small plot of land left free of cell-network, windmills, man-made sounds, or any other kind of human trace: an area  located between Rottummerplaat and the coast of Groningen. This harsh desertlike landscape covered in sea during 6 hours a day is ideal for a refuge from civilisation, reason for this proposal: a design for an overnight stay. But anything that is placed here becomes a focal point, a new human landmark and disregards the place as an escape from the man-made. For this reason the design consists of a series of floating furniture fragments that assembled ara a table, a chair and a bed but when the tide goes up they float and get disassembled in order for when the tide goes down they get spread over the landscape. Ready to be rediscovered.